Why Should You Wear Orthotics?

Your Feet Are Precious!

We all have essentially 7 points of contact with each foot to the ground. The heel, four metatarsal joints, and two sesamoid bones under the big toe metatarsal  joint. All of these point have to bear our weight when we walk. When we run, that weight is multiplied several times.

Orthotics help transfer that weight  more evenly to the whole of the foot causing less stress to those 7 contact points. Orthotics also help align the foot so that your weight line is in the mid part of your foot and not on the inside as it is when you have a condition known as Pes Planus, or flat feet, as it is commonly known. Pes Cavus is a condition where the arch of the foot is unusually high, and the weight is borne on the outside of the foot. Orthotics are essential in that case also.

The House Of Kraft has been making Foot Orthotics in Ottawa for 55 years. We carefully analyze the patient's gait to determine the best type of orthotics to make. We then take a precise plaster impression of the patient's feet to create a negative impression. A positive impression is then made and modified to the individual requirements, and the orthotics are produced to that exact cast.


The orthotics  are then carefully shaped  to the sides and footbeds of the shoes so that they sit  flat and are sturdy. Orthotics can be moved from shoe to shoe, but keep in mind that some shoes are manufactured differently, which could cause the orthotic to not sit properly.