Custom Foot Orthotics

All foot orthotics are made on site to a positive  plastercast taken of each patient's feet. They are made using raw materials, and depending on their needs, are made of either neoprene crepe, plastic, or soft closed-cell foam.

custom bracing

Wheather bracing is required for sports or a disability, our specialists are trained to accurately measure and fit over-the-counter braces, or if required, manufacture custom braces.

custom made shoes

Also made to a plastercast, our custom made shoes are made of raw materials. From buffalo split, to cow rawhide used for the outer shell, to horse hide or sheep skin for the liners, all our material comes as full hides  tanned without the use of chrome based dyes. All custom shoes are made by hand.

ottawa knee brace

Designed by The House of Kraft over 25 years ago, the Ottawa knee brace is by far one of the most comfortable and supportive knee braces on the market today. Hand made in our shop, it is a lightweight knee brace made of carbon fiber with aluminum knee hinges, fabricated directly to a patient's plastercast.

compression garments

All compression  garments are custom measured and are available in 20, 30, and 40 mmHg of compression.


All custom made .